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About us

Paprika Software has been originally formed in August 2000 in Limassol, Cyprus and continued to the United States in 2018. During these years the company has developed a range of customized financial software products but also software for task management, and a white label CRM with multi level marketing features.


Task-Grid is a cloud based task management software. The layout of the software is a grid structure and looks similar to Excel. That way teams save time to learn a again how to use new software. Unlike other task management tools, Task-Grid only has a single page where users can navigate between projects by applying filters.

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The DTT Trend Line Trader is a cloud based financial charting and trend line analysis software. User can sign up and analyse the most liquid 20 currencies for free using trend lines.

Further users can trade currencies in an simulated environment and build a hypothetical track record. The software can be customized for institutional professional trading companies and is only available as a b2b offering.

DTT Trend Line Trader

Blockchain Data Feed

This plugin shows each transaction from the bitcoin blockchain. The component can be easily implemented in any website just by copy/paste of a few lines of embedded code. The communication to our blockchain node is performed over real-time ASP.NET with SignalR.NET.